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Do Travel Trailers Have VIN Numbers

Do Trailers Have VIN Numbers

Yes, trailers have Vin Numbers (Vehicle Identification Numbers), just like cars and any other vehicle.

For those who do not know, a VIN is a unique 17-character code that identifies the trailer and provides important information about its manufacture and specifications.

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Where to Find the VIN on a Travel Trailer

The VIN can typically be found in several locations on a travel trailer:

  • On the trailer tongue or hitch area near the front
  • On the left (driver’s side) front corner of the trailer frame
  • Inside the trailer, often on a sticker or plate in a cabinet, closet, or storage compartment
  • On the trailer’s entry door frame or windshield area

For older or vintage trailers made before 1981, the VIN location may vary. Common spots to find the vin on older travel trailer are:

  • The trailer tongue,
  • Frame rails near the hitch
  • On metal frame parts.

Don’t disregard a vin on a travel trailer. Jst like with a car, the VIN allows will allow you to check the trailer’s history report for any past damage, accidents, odometer issues, or other potential problems.

Why Travel Trailers Need VINs

Just like automobiles, travel trailers require VINs for registration, insurance, recalls, and maintenance records.

The VIN acts as a unique identifier throughout the trailer’s lifetime. Manufacturers are required to include this number, which contains coded details about the trailer’s model, features, factory specifications, and serial number.


In summary, all travel trailers should have a 17-digit VIN located in common areas like the tongue, frame, door areas, or documentation. Locating and decoding this number is crucial for researching a used trailer’s history before making a purchase.

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