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How Much Are Tires At Costco

How Much Are Tires At Costco

From my experience, Costco beats the competition handily if you play the pricing game right, but you must play it right!

In this article, I’ll break down exactly the cost of tires at Costco and what to expect when buying tires from Costco.

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Costco Tire Prices Depend on Brand and Size

The exact tire price at Costco can range quite a bit based on the specifications you need. A standard set of 4 budget car tires may only run you $400. Meanwhile, premium tires for trucks or SUVs can cost over $1,000.

Here are the key factors that determine Costco’s pricing:

  • Tire Size: Measurements like 16”, 18” 20” impact selection and prices.
  • Brand: Michelin, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, etc. Budget vs premium makes a difference.
  • Performance Level: All-season, summer, winter, eco tires have varying costs.
  • Current Promotions: Sales knockout $70 to $150 for a set purchase.

I always recommend checking Costco’s website first to input your vehicle’s make, model, and year to see tires in stock for your exact needs.

Costco primarily stocks mid-range to premium tire brands and limits overall selection. You may need to compromise between the exact tire you want if not in stock versus what meets your key needs at the best discounted price.

Average Costco Tire Prices and Ranges

To give you a better idea, here are the average Costco tire prices and range you can expect across 4 tire purchases:

Tire TypeAverage Price EachSet of 4 Price Range
Budget (ex: Hercules)$100-$130$400-$550
Mid-Range (ex: Michelin Defender)$135-$180$550-$750
Premium (ex: Michelin Pilot Sport)$180-$250+$750-$1,000+

These prices assume you either use one of Costco’s regular tire coupons (saving $60-$150) or catch a sale. Without any promotions, their pricing is less competitive but still reasonable.

What’s Included in Costco’s Tire Installation Package

The convenience factor of buying tires at Costco comes from bundling these services:

Whats Included in Costcos Tire Installation Package
  • Mounting & Balancing: $15/tire flat rate
  • Lifetime Rotations: Free tire rotations anytime
  • Tire Pressure Checks: Ensure inflation meets spec
  • Flat Repairs: Fix leaks and punctures for free
  • Final Disposal: Recycling of old tires
  • Nitrogen Inflation: Better efficiency than compressed air

Between the discount tire pricing and lower installation fees compared to small shops, you can easily save $100+ per set of tires at Costco.

Maximize Savings with Costco Tire Coupons

Here’s the inside trick to getting Costco’s tire prices as cheap as possible: Always use their coupons.

Maximize Savings with Costco Tire Coupons

While base pricing is fair, current promotions knock $60 to $150 off complete sets with free installation.

Michelin$80 off (4) tires >$900 purchase2/28/2023
Bridgestone$110 off (4) tires >$900 purchase12/31/2023

They rotate these sales between Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, etc. So if the one you want isn’t available, wait a few weeks until it comes back. Sign up for emails to get notifications.

How Costco Compares to Other Stores in My Area

To give you an apples-to-apples cost look, I compared buying (4) new Michelin Defender LTX tires from Costco vs. retailers near me for my Chevy Silverado 1500 truck:

StoreOut the Door Price
Big O Tires$965
America’s Tire$906

As you can see, the total discount was significant going through Costco vs my other options, even on a premium tire. Note America’s Tire offered some extra perks like free rotations but failed to compete overall.

Your exact prices locally may vary, which is why I always recommend calling your closest warehouses for quotes with current promotions.

Additional Perks to Factor In

Along with competitive pricing and bundled installation, Costco delivers some nice extras:

Additional Perks to Factor In
  • 5-Year Road Hazard Warranty: Covers most tire damage during driving
  • Free Lifetime Nitrogen Refills: Better inflation over compressed air
  • Full Warranty: Backed by tire manufacturer (pro-rated)
  • Nationwide Pricing & Stock: Get quotes from any US location

So when calculating the full value proposition, add in these benefits on top of the discounts and free services.

Bottom Line on Costco Tire Pricing

While Costco isn’t always the absolute cheapest on every specific tire model, the combination of discounted pricing, bundled installation, free lifetime services, road hazard warranty, and nitrogen inflation make it very tough to beat for overall value.

Just be sure to utilize any available stackable manufacturer coupons and rebates when you go into your local warehouse to get the best pricing possible.

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