Autohitch is dedicated to helping you find your next carmate – in less time with less hassle.

About Us

Autohitch is your personal Used Car Buying service that takes the confusion out of shopping and Negotiating Prices of Used Cars.  Now you can head to the dealership, not wondering if you are getting a fair price for your car, but actually knowing.

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Our Story

Our co-founder, Steve Momot, a dealer himself saw the need for the car shopping experience to evolve when his perfect match, Ally, went shopping for a vehicle. Even with all his knowledge and expertise in the industry, his wife still found herself lured into a dealership that didn’t even have the vehicle they advertised.

Convinced there had to be a better way, Steve set out to create a platform that identifies the right sellers in your selected area and the in-stock vehicles that best match with your criteria. View Autohitch Social Media Posts.

How Autohitch Works

The Matchmakers

Co-Founder | Mr. Autohitch

I like long walks on the beach……just kidding! Before creating Autohitch, I was an in a unique position to be a part of the car buying process not only from the seller’s side, but the buyer side as well. It became very clear to me that despite all of the buying sites available, not one of them were truly advocates for the buyers and the sellers – it was one of the other. And with that, we created Autohitch.

Chief Everything Officer | Mrs. Autohitch

I’m one part marketer, one part Mom and another part “chief everything officer.” For me, an experience means everything because a great experience can easily get promoted to a memory.  My job is to help make sure your car buying experience with Autohitch becomes a memory and, hey – you drive away in an amazing car too!

Rick Bio Crop

Rick Anderson

Co-Founder | Automotive Expert

My passion has always been cars, from fixing up cars to selling cars online, to researching cars –  making my passion your advantage. Years of experience has allowed me to gain tons of knowledge about the buying experience from start to finish. I’m here to help! Ask me a question