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Welcome to the Autohitch Contact page!  If you are looking for an exceptional, yet truly unique Car Buying Service, you have arrived at the right place!  

Car Buyers

If you are a car buyer/shopper please ensure we have a method of contacting you through email, phone, or via text message (All Methods Available)

Car Dealers

Car Sellers/Dealers- Please Contact Us through Email and/or text for the fastest response. If you require any additional information to submit a deal for a buyer these are also the best methods for a rapid response.

The best way to reach Autohitch

Hey Everyone,

Steve Momot (Founder) here with you:  We are excited to have you with us and even more excited that you wish to reach out and contact us.  Autohitch is a new type of Auto Buying Service designed to benefit both the car buyer and the car dealership, something few automotive third parties can actually achieve.

We all know that a vehicle is an important purchase in our lives, and because of this we WILL shop around to determine what is the best, and sometimes, what is even simply a fair price.  This is where Autohitch steps in, because we know that shopping dealerships can be a daunting task for even the savviest of car buyers:

  • Multiple Phone Calls
  • Multiple Emails
  • Prices you simply can’t be confident are good or that will even last once you arrive.

But, no less of a hassle, is this very same shopping process for the dealership:

  • Shoppers that misrepresent what they like to see how you react
  • Shoppers requesting prices with no intention of making a purchase
  • Shoppers that give you false financial information to test your claims

The car buying experience in 2018 is one that simply lacks trust, and our goal with the founding of Autohitch is to restore a certain measure of that trust by providing consumers pricing they can believe and be confident in, while also providing dealers with car buyers that are verified and ready to drive a new car!  For more on the team here at Autohitch, please visit our About us page.

If anyone has any additional questions about our process, please do not hesitate to use the contact form below or give us a call.  Please note, that we are a digitally based product, so our process is being shaped to work via email, text, and chat.  If you absolutely need something by phone, please leave a voicemail and we will return your call shortly.

Dealers (Contact Us)

Dealers:  We understand your process is to use the phone FIRST for reasons related to making a sale.  However, we are not the car buyer nor do we advocate to our buyers what is a good, bad, or fair offer/price.  If you are in need of any additional information we have not provided, please send your questions via email or even text, and we will resppond promptly.

-If your dealership policy prohibits written offers to third parties, we can arrange a written agreement attesting to our own policy of NEVER sharing a dealerships offer with the general public or another dealership.  We can calso arrange a meeting with your management to re-affirm our positions so that you can be assured we mean what we say.

We only ask for your email to reply, we will not add you to any spam list or sell your information.


Pompano Beach, Florida 33064