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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a car shopping service such as Autohitch do for car buyers?

As a Car Shopping Service, Autohitch assists car buyers through what is thought of to be one of the most frustrating parts of the buying process- Contacting and getting pricing from dealerships.

What can a car buyer/shopper expect from using Autohitch?

Using Autohitch, Car Buyers will receive multiple personal and exclusive offers from local dealerships without sales calls, text messages, or spammy emails.

Are car Dealers actively bidding for my business on Autohitch?

No, it’s actually more of a silent auction.  Car Dealers are contacted one by one and provided with the opportunity to make an offer for your business.  They are informed that up to 2 other dealers will also be making offers and are told who those competing dealerships are, however, they are never given the details of any submitted offers by any other dealerships.

Does Autohitch cost me (The Shopper) any money?

No!  A $25 fee is collected at the beginning of the process, but that is only to certify to our dealers that you are indeed a very serious car buyer.  The moment you confirm with Autohitch that you completed a purchase with one of our dealers the entire $25 dollars is refunded in the form of a gift card that you choose on Amazon.  In addition, we will actually add another $25 for leaving a review of your experience (good or bad). 

How does Autohitch make money?

This is not a question many companies in Automotive like answering, but we are actually asking and answering this question on our own behalf because the answer is part of what makes our program work that much better. 

Autohitch will be paid by dealerships a fee known in the industry as a “Bird Dog”.  This is a standard referral fee that has existed in the dealership for decades and is actually available to anyone, even previous customers, who send the dealership business.  Working within an established fee structure ensures that our fees are not punitive to the dealer so that our users can be confident knowing the savings we get them are theirs to keep and will not simply be tacked on somewhere later in their purchase.

Can car buyers use one offer to get a better offer from another dealer?

Autohitch always encourages Car Shoppers to do what they feel is in their best interest, however, pitting one dealer against another would be like a dealer on Autohitch pitting two car buyers against each other simply because they are inquiring about the same vehicle.  As we wouldn’t allow the dealers to behave this way, we can’t ask any less of our Car Buyers.  

What happens If I decide to contact the Dealers on my own to inform them of a competing dealers offer?

Although the practice of using one dealerships offer to drive down the price of another dealer CAN get you a lower price, research finds that consumers engaged in that process, and who are hyper-focused on getting the absolute lowest price above anything else, are more likely to be the least satisfied at the end of the buying process. In addition, the dealerships winning those bidding wars are also more likely to receive a negative dealer rating.  For these reasons, we discourage this type of interaction on Autohitch and if it is discovered we will politely end the shopping process at that time.  In addition, the initiation fee will be forfeited as we would be unable to complete the buying process for you and for the dealerships that submitted offers.  You are still free to continue shopping with any dealerships you were introduced to on Autohitch with the information you had recieved to that point.  

Does Autohitch help sell my current car or trade it in?

Yes, when you submit the details of your vehicle you will also be asked about your current vehicle.  Please notate if you wish to sell or if you wish to trade.  In select cases, Autohitch is going to personally come and check your vehicle which included pictures so we can get you the best upfront prices before taking it in for an inspection.  This is only a test program so if you are interested please let us know!

How do car buyers receive offers from car dealers without sales calls or emails?

Autohitch acts as a sort of buffer between Car Buyers and Dealers, keeping their contact information secure and filtering out those who might not be willing to make offers online or who would place the buyer into a sales funnel rather than providing them with a more personal experience.

Do I get to ask questions of the dealerships before or after receiving offers?

Yes, Autohitch will forward your questions and in return will forward the answers from the dealership to ensure your personal information remains secure.

May I call and speak with someone at a participating Dealership directly?

Yes, and as the Car Buyer you should always get to decide what is best for you.  However, as the method for Autohitch delivering buyers an exceptional and fair price is built upon a certain process, a buyer electing to work outside of that process means that Autohitch would not be able to complete the remainder of the process for that buyer.

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