What Is A Car Buying Concierge

What Is A Car Concierge?

Car Concierge VS Car Broker

Essentially, a Car Concierge is an A to Z car buying service that will handle every part of the car buying (Or Leasing) process, such as:

  • Searching for a car
  • Contacting Car Dealers
  • Negotiating Car Prices
  • Advise on and negotiate all the back end products 
  • Oversee and explain the contracts
  • Set up delivery

Where a Car Buying Concierge differs from a Car Broker is that a Car Broker is paid by the dealer, and the buyer pays a car concierge.  Because of this, a Personal Car Concierge will typically work harder on behalf of the car buyer because that’s whose cutting their check!


Both a Car Concierge and a Car Broker will do a majority of their business with New Cars.  This is primarily because used cars require a significant amount of searching and they don’t paid by the hour. 

How Much Does A Car Concierge Charge?

A Car Concierge can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on just how much of the Car Buying process you want them to handle.  A company like Authority Auto actually offers a “Do It Yourself” educational type package in addition to their other services that’s billed as a subscription: $39.00 for 90 days.

How Much Do Auto Brokers Charge?

An Auto Broker can charge car buyers anywhere from $200 to as high as $800, although $500 is usually the max.  Again, because Auto Brokers are paid by the dealer, their prices are negotiated just as hard as yours, and most of the time they can’t get away with charging whatever they want

A More Affordable Used Car Buying Service?

After hours, or even longer, of searching, you have finally found your dream car, but there is a problem:

You have no idea if the price is fair!

That’s where our Used Car Buying Service comes in! We look up what dealers are currently paying for your car along with the vehicle history report to provide a thorough, and personal, car pricing analysis.  And it only costs $20!

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Do Car Brokers Save Money?

In most cases, using a Car Broker will save you money.  The problem is that their fee comes from the dealer, and sometimes the dealer gets greedy and decides they don’t want to lose any money just because you contacted a broker.  So what they will do is build the brokers fee back into your deal, potentially removing some or all of any savings the broker may have negotiated for on your behalf.

Does Using A Car Concierge Save Money?

Yes, a Car Buying Concierge will save you money in almost every case because you (The car buyer) are their customer.  If the dealer breaks even or even takes a loss on a car sale, the Concierge makes every dime of his/her fee. 

Something else to note:  A Car Concierge is also there to protect every one of your interests.  If it’s a bad financial move for you to enter into a longer loan term, they are going to tell you that.  A broker, however, may not.


Car Brokers and Car Concierges don’t exactly call up random dealers and get tough.  They typically work off of long term relationships in their area they have built up from years in the industry.  When you pay for their services, you are essentially paying for access to their connections.

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Steve is a former licensed car dealer located in the State of Florida.  He has many years of experience buying, selling, and working on cars mechanically and started Autohitch to help buyers and Sellers navigate the complex lands of Car Buying.