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Auto Broker

Autohitch isn’t your typical broker.  We charge you and the dealership less and leave you in control of your process to choose the dealership that’s best for your needs

How Long Does A Car Dealership Have To Get You Financed

Automotive Photography

Professional Photography, Stock Photography, and 360 Vehicle Interior Photos.  Car Dealerships, Car Sellers, And Car Enthusiasts welcome.

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Sell My Car For Me

How can I sell my car fast?  What is the best site to sell a car?  How do I get the most money for my car?  Don’t put the answers to these questions squarely on your shoulders.  Autohitch staff sold cars personally for years and knows all th best tips, tricks, and strategies to ensure a smoother and fast buying process for the private car seller

South Florida Car Selling Service

There are plenty of places that will buy your car for a range of low prices, but you won’t find many businesses in South Florida that can help you get the most for your car.  Enter Autohitch, Car Selling!

Autohitch will be your personal car selling concierge to ensure you get the most money for your car.  With Autohitch you can expect:

  • References to professional detailers and repair shops to get your car in perfect shape for skeptical buyers
  • A free vehicle history report and breakdown
  • Accurate pricing (Via Real Auction Data) for your vehicle whether you are selling to the public at retail price or to a dealership at wholesale
  • Professional Pictures of your car or truck (Just like the dealership)
  • Guidance on transferring ownership and where to avoid mistakes, pitfalls, and scams.
Car Selling Service

Trade In Pricing & Assistance

Are you planning on trading in your vehicle at the dealership, or selling to a car buying service like Carmax or Auto Buy?  Autohitch can help you:

Big Time!

Autohitch looks at real-time Dealership Auction Data to see EXACTLY what the dealers are paying for your car.  Armed with that information, there is no longer any need to drive around town wondering if dealers or car buying services are giving you a fair price for your car.  Now you know exactly what they are prepared to pay without ever having to step foot outside of your house!

Car Selling Service Pricing

Vehicle History

$ Free
  • Full Reporting
  • Explained


$ 125
  • Vehicle History
  • Price Analysis
  • 15 Pro Pictures


$ 200
  • Vehicle History
  • Price Analysis
  • 3 Listings