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The “Traditional” Car Buying Services (Truecar, Costco, etc.) were started to simplify the process of you buying your next car.  “Price Transparency” was the promise along with the fact that you would no longer have to worry about negotiating or haggling over your next car.  

You would be given a price that was lower than any price you would get if you went to the car dealership by yourself, and although you may not get the “Best Price”, you could at least be confident that you weren’t being mislead. 

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What if I told you that you could walk in to almost any dealership today and ask for, and get, the Truecar or Costco price on a car- Without using the Services themselves?  

Well, not only will the dealerships gladly give you these prices, they will actually offer them up without you having to ask.  

Why is that?  

Because the “Fair Prices” you are given by these big corporations are no more than a clever form of advertising or better phrased:  A method of getting you in the door.  

Autohitch isn’t a computer algorithm or a pricing tool that gives 10,000 people the same price on a car with little regard to you, your needs, and the particular vehicle you are looking to buy or sell.  

Our car buying services were created by real people who run them each day, by hand, so that you can understand every detail about “Your” car buying experience and get the best price on a car “For You” and your budget.  As of 2019, our current Car Buying (And Selling) Services include:

Detailed Buyers

Vehicle Price History
$ 19
99 per car
  • Want to know what the dealers are paying for a car? Then this is your package! Our detailed buyers analysis will provide you with what dealers are paying for your car at auction nationwide along with a personal analysis of the data by one of our experts.

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Start by telling us a little about your car so that we can find out what’s in it’s history, if it’s a good purchase, and what is a fair price to pay

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