Buying a Car with Autohitch in 30 Seconds

How Autohitch Works

Tell us about your car.

Let us know what type of deal you’re looking for and other details that will help improve our search

Let us handle the dealership

For a $25 refundable deposit, we use your information as a guide to find dealers that have the best deal for YOU.

Stay anonymous

Don’t worry…we contact the dealers WITHOUT sharing your personal information until you’re ready.

Pick a deal

Pick from a personalized set of deals to decide which one you like best.

Meet your representative

Meet your contact at the dealership before you go in, so you know exactly who you’re meeting with to test drive and finalize the deal

Drive away

Enjoy driving away from the dealership, frustration free...and get your $25 back*!

*$25 refundable deposit is collected at the beginning of the car search. Once you drive away with a car from an Autohitch deal, show the Bill of Sale and leave the dealership a review on Autohitch.com – we will refund your $25 completely!

Autohitch vs. Online Car Buying

More honest buying experience

By collaborating with multiple dealerships, it allows us to give you a more honest deal. Know if the car is in stock and the price all before you step foot in the dealership.

Build-your-own price

The price starts with you. You tell us your price range and we look for the best deals in your area.

Less back and forth with dealerships

After you know what car you’re looking for, we do all of the calling and emailing for you, all while your personal contact information stays safe and sound...with you. Now you have more time to finally binge watch that new show on Netflix.

Privacy is not protected

Your personal contact information is usually shared with the dealership from the start, leaving you with unwanted calls and emails.

Hidden fees

Buying services charge dealerships a fee which will affect your overall savings. The fees range from $300 - $800.

No special pricing

The pre-negotiated price marketed by most online listing sites is usually a price set by the dealership that is available to anyone. So while it may seem special, it's actually available to anyone - making it not so special.

Let's get started...

Start by telling us a little about your dream car so that we can find you the best deals in your area and deliver them right to your inbox.

  • Save time
  • No excessive sales calls or emails
  • More personalized experience
Bumper To Bumper A 2018 Guid To Car Warranties

Autohitch is your personal car shopping service that takes your preferred car features and finds the best deals within your area – all without giving the dealer your contact information. You did all of the research, now let us get you the best price for your next car mate.

Our co-founder, Steve Momot, a dealer himself saw the need for the car shopping experience to evolve when his perfect match, Ally, went shopping for a vehicle

Even with all his knowledge and expertise in the industry, his wife still found herself lured into a dealership that didn’t even have the vehicle they advertised.

Convinced there had to be a better way, Steve set out to create a platform that identifies the right sellers in your selected area and the in-stock vehicles that best match with your criteria.

Founder and Mr. Autohitch

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"Chief Everything Officer" aka Mrs. Autohitch

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Co-Founder and Automotive Expert

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Top 5 Brands that Provided Accurate Online Quotes

Based upon a study by Automotive News,  61% of online quotes given by dealerships matched final payment when the deal was completed. 

Out of the 20 brands from the study, these are the top 5 automotive brands that matched their online quote with the final payment. 

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