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Hey Everyone,

I’m “Hitch” (Autohitch), an all new type of Car Buying Service in Pompano Beach, Florida, but you can think of me as your personal Car Concierge.  You could say that we are a Car Broker (of sorts), however, a modern day car broker is usually just working off of direct relationships with car dealers where they are paid more for bringing in business than they are to help you, the Car Buyer, save money.  

Autohitch currently provides services such as:
  • Vehicle Pricing Analysis–  (What your car is really worth based on what dealers paid for your car)
  • Vehicle History–  (How was your car serviced and where has it been?)
  • Private Car Listing Agent–  (Photograph and List your car for faster sales)
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It’s not easy out there, and although you may purchase or lease a car every few years, the people you will have to negotiate with are selling cars each and every day.  So, if you want someone on your side who is also working each and every day to make sure you pay a fair price for a car, you have arrived at the nest possible place!


Detailed Buyers

Fair Pricing
$ 20
00 Per Car
  • Want to know what the dealers are paying for a car? Then this is your package! Also includes a free vehicle history report and analysis from our team that will explain everything we find.

Sell My Car

Car Listings
$ 199
  • Tired of phone calls from people trying to get your car cheap? Sell faster and get real buyers with a professional looking listing created by someone who did it for a living.

Let's get started...

Start by telling us a little about your car so that we can find out what’s in it’s history, if it’s a good purchase, and what is a fair price to pay

  • Save time
  • No excessive sales calls or emails
  • More personalized pricing experience
Bumper To Bumper A 2018 Guid To Car Warranties

Autohitch is your personal car buying service that takes your preferred used car then digs deep into its history and pricing information to determine if the vehicle is a good buy and just what you should pay for it before ever visiting the dealership.

Our co-founder, Steve Momot, a dealer himself saw the need for the car shopping experience to evolve when his perfect match, Ally, went shopping for a vehicle

Even with all his knowledge and expertise in the industry, his wife still found herself lured into a dealership that didn’t even have the vehicle they advertised, then tried to upsell her on a lesser model.

Convinced there had to be a better way, Steve set out to create a better car buying service that would protect the public from people that would sell them a bad car for far too much money.

Founder and Mr. Autohitch

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"Chief Everything Officer" aka Mrs. Autohitch

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Co-Founder and Automotive Expert

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Have a question about car buying?

Ask a question and get an answer from one of our car buying experts.

Top 5 Brands that Provided Accurate Online Quotes

Based upon a study by Automotive News,  61% of online quotes given by dealerships matched final payment when the deal was completed. 

Out of the 20 brands from the study, these are the top 5 automotive brands that matched their online quote with the final payment. 

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Knowledge Center

To get a fair price for a car you don’t need to know everything the dealer does, you just need to know enough to make them think that you might.  That’s why we built our knowledge center directly off of the questions we get from you (The Public) every day. 

Many of these car shopping questions have been answered, but we know many more remain and we need your help in order for us to create the ultimate car buyers guide!  So if you have any questions about the car buying process, please feel free to ask your questions by contacting us directly.

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