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How To Buy A Car Battery at Costco

How To Buy A Car Battery at Costco

Costco offers high-quality car batteries at great prices, but they do not offer installation services. So, to help, I created this guide which covers how to purchase and install a new battery from Costco.

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Determine the Right Battery

  • Check the manual or under the hood for battery type, group size, and CCA rating.
  • Bring the current battery to Costco for replacement lookup.

Research Costco Selection

  • Costco sells Interstate brand batteries exclusively.
  • Costco sells car, truck, marine, RV, golf cart, lawn/garden, and Powersports batteries.
  • Review the online selection or visit the warehouse.
  • Compare specs and pricing to find the best match.
  • Call ahead to verify availability.

Purchase Your Battery

  • Take the car into Costco Tire Center if it is driveable.
  • Provide make/model; they’ll retrieve the correct battery.
  • A $15 core charge is refunded when the old battery is returned.
  • Purchase battery and keep receipt so your warranty will be honored.

Install the Battery

  • DIY or visit a mechanic.
  • Review install instructions for your vehicle.
  • Safely remove the old one and install a new battery.
  • Reconnect cables and dispose of the old battery at Costco for a refund.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

No, as of this article in March 2024, Costco does not currently install car Batteries, they only sell them for you to install or your mechanic.

Closing Thoughts

DIY battery replacement from Costco can save money. With preparation, it’s a great affordable option.

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