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Although Autohitch provides tips, tricks, and advice to Used Car Buyers from all over the United States, our Car Buying Service is currently only available in our backyard, here in South Florida

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An ever popular tourist destination, Fort Lauderdale hosted 12 million visitors in 2012 and 3000 hours of sunshine

Located in Broward County, Pompano Beach is undergoing major redevelopment along it’s beachfront and Historic Downtown areas

The southernmost City in Palm Beach County and also one of the wealthiest in all of South Florida.

Car Buying Service In Fort Lauderdale

Are you looking for a simpler and more effective way to shop for and buy a car in Fort Lauderdale?  Autohitch doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel to find an honest price on a car, we just shop around.  We know what to ask the dealerships (On your behalf) in order to get a price you can count on, and more importantly, a price you can compare against other dealerships in the area.

-No one will keep a business more honest than their competition!

How Much Is My Car Worth?

One of the biggest questions asked of me today:  How much is my Used Car Worth?

Sure, you could could look around online at similar vehicle listings, but then what?  For some reason- No one will offer you that amount, right?  The truth is that most people won’t actually pay the list prices you see online, those are usually only starting points for the dreaded negotiation.  And if you are Trading In your vehicle to a car dealership, listing prices are not going to be anywhere near what you can expect, and if you can’t be confident about what your car is worth, you could lose a lot of money in the negotiation.

The Good news is that Autohitch is going to solve this problem for you.  We will actually look up what the dealers are paying for similar vehicles in the area, and with this information, you can go to the dealership knowing exactly what that car is worth to them (What they can sell it for).

How Much Is My Car Worth

Pompano Beach's Top Car Buying Service

If you live in or around Pompano Beach, Florida and have become frustrated with the Car Buying Process, give Autohitch a shot.  Autohitch will listen to your needs for a vehicle than shop local Broward County Dealerships to receive highly competitive offers and to verify that your specific make/model is actually in stock.

There is no need to haggle with the dealerships on your own anymore, let Autohitch put our years of experience and research to work for you for a faster and more confident car buying process.

Get A Free Vehicle History Report

Buying a used car is stressful enough without feeling like you have no idea what you actually bought from the dealership.  Or maybe you are buying a car from a private seller and are even more nervous because there is no one to hold them accountable for leaving out information or potentially lying to you about the history of your vehicle.

Autohitch understands the hassle of buying used cars which is why we are offering visitors a free vehicle history report and showing you how to get a free Carfax.  

Simply send us your vehicles Vin Number, leave Autohitch a Google Review, and we will dig up everything available for your current vehicle or the car you are looking to buy.

Free Carfax Florida

Lighthouse Point Car Concierge

Going through the hassle of buying a car in South Florida?  There are many options but: 

  • Which car’s price is the best?
  • Which car is a better deal?
  • Which dealer is being honest?

South Florida offers a vast array of cars and car dealerships for car buyers, but rather than trying to filter through all of the advertising and marketing yourself, call in the pros-  Let Autohitch put our years of experience and professional connections to work to present you with clear choices.

In Closing

We don’t want to decide for you (That’s what everyone else tries to do), rather Autohitch lets car buyers in LHP, Florida see the facts behind the ads so that you are empowered to make the best decision for yourself or your family.  

For a simpler hassle-free car buying experience in Lighthouse Point, FL Contact Autohitch today!