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Dealer Fees In Florida

Dealer Fees In Florida

Dealer fees have been and likely will always be a part of buying a car, but sometimes the types and amounts of these fees can vary from state to state. So, what are the dealer fees in Florida?

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Common Dealer Fees

Documentation Fee

This covers the dealer’s costs for processing paperwork and vehicle registration. At $670 on average, Florida has the highest documentation fees in the U.S.

Title and Registration Fees

These mandatory fees pay for new title assignment and vehicle registration with Florida’s DMV. Plan for $225 or more.

Sales Tax

Florida levies a 6% sales tax on vehicle purchases. The tax applies to the sales price minus any trade-in value.

Destination Charge

This fee covers transporting the new vehicle to the dealer. It averages around $1,500.

Dealer Preparation

Also called “prep fee”, this covers making the vehicle sale-ready. Florida law requires including it in advertised prices.

Dealer-Installed Options

Additional features or services installed by the dealer increase the vehicle price.

Questionable Fees

Advertising Charge

Dealers sometimes try passing their ad costs to the buyer. This should already be factored into the sales price.

Dealer Fee

A vague fee ranging from $600-$700. Since it has no clear purpose, this fee is typically negotiable.

Do all Florida Dealers Charge a Dealer fee?

No, not all dealers in the state of Florida will charge you a dealer fee, below is a list of some Florida dealerships who guarantee no dealer fees:

Florida dealerships with no dealer fees:

Tips for Buyers

  • Thoroughly review the sales contract and ask for explanations of unclear fees. Legitimate fees should have a reasonable explanation.
  • Compare fees across multiple dealers to identify inconsistencies. Use online forums to learn typical fee ranges.
  • Politely ask for fee reductions or removals. Competition gives buyers negotiation power.
  • If negotiating lower fees, ask what can be offered as compensation, i.e. free car washes, oil changes etc.

Buying a car involves navigating numerous dealer fees, especially in Florida. While some are non-negotiable, others present negotiation opportunities. Knowing which fees to expect, inspecting contracts diligently, asking questions, and leveraging competition can help Floridian car buyers save hundreds of dollars.

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Steve Momot - Author

Steve Momot - Author

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