How To Buy A Car Battery at Costco

How To Buy A Car Battery at Costco

Costco offers high-quality car batteries at great prices, but does not offer installation services. This guide covers how to purchase and install a new battery from Costco.

Determine the Right Battery

  • Check manual or under hood for battery type, group size, CCA rating.
  • Bring current battery to Costco for replacement lookup.

Research Costco Selection

  • Costco sells Interstate brand batteries exclusively.
  • Review online selection or visit warehouse.
  • Compare specs and pricing to find best match.
  • Call ahead to verify availability.

Purchase Your Battery

  • Take car into Costco Tire Center if driveable.
  • Provide make/model, they’ll retrieve correct battery.
  • $15 core charge refunded when old battery returned.
  • Purchase battery and keep receipt.

Install the Battery

  • Costco does not install batteries. DIY or visit mechanic.
  • Review install instructions for your vehicle.
  • Safely remove old and install new battery.
  • Reconnect cables and dispose of old battery at Costco for refund.

DIY battery replacement from Costco can save money. With preparation, it’s a great affordable option.

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