What Is an Open Title on a Used Car

What Is an Open Title on a Used Car

In the realm of used car transactions, an open title refers to a situation where the vehicle’s title holder signs the title document but leaves the buyer’s information section blank. This practice allows the title to be transferred to another party without the original owner’s involvement, essentially “leaving it open” for the next owner.

Why are Open Titles Used in Used Car Sales?

Open titles are sometimes innocently used to speed up transactions when people sell a car privately.

The seller signs and hands over the title, allowing the buyer to fill in their details at their leisure. However, while this seems more convenient, it can also lead to potential legal complications.

The Risks of Open Titles in Used Car Sales

While open titles might appear to streamline the process of transferring ownership of a used car, it comes at a risk.

For instance, the buyer could resell the car without officially transferring the title into their name, potentially leading to legal issues.

Furthermore, in many jurisdictions, open titling is considered illegal due to the potential for fraud.

The Legal Perspective on Open Titles in Used Car Sales

Most states and regions have laws that discourage or outright prohibit the use of open titles in used car sales due to the associated risks. It’s always recommended to complete all necessary paperwork during the transaction to ensure a legal and smooth transfer of ownership.


  • Can I insure a car with an open title?

    Insuring a car with an open title can be difficult. Most insurance companies require proof of ownership, which may be hard to establish with an open title. Always ensure the title is properly filled out to avoid complications.

  • What should I do if I unknowingly bought a car with an open title?

    Honestly, all you really need to do is fill out the title as the buyer. If the seller left information on their end blank, contact them first to fill in that information. The only thing you cant do for them is their signature, everything else you can fill in over the phone. If that fails, contact the state DMV office.

  • Can a dealership sell a car with an open title?

    Reputable dealerships should not sell cars with open titles. They are required by law to transfer the title to the dealership’s name before selling it to a new owner.

  • What is the difference between an open title and a clean title?

    An open title refers to a title that is signed but not completely filled out, while a clean title indicates that the vehicle has never been declared a total loss due to accidents or damage.

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