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Can You Rent a Car From a Dealership

Can You Rent a Car From a Dealership

Yes, you can rent a car from a dealership, but they do not rent cars to the general public.

Car Dealership rentals are limited to:

  • Customers having their cars serviced
  • Extended test drives

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How Does Renting from a Dealership Work?

The process of renting a car from a dealership is generally straightforward:

  1. Contact the Dealership: Reach out to the dealership’s rental department or service center to inquire about their rental options and availability.
  2. Make a Reservation: Provide your rental dates, desired vehicle type, and any additional requirements (e.g., child seats, GPS).
  3. Paperwork and Payment: Upon arrival, you’ll need to present a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and a credit card for payment. You’ll also need to sign a rental agreement outlining the terms and conditions.
  4. Vehicle Inspection: Inspect the rental car for any existing damage and document it with the dealership staff.
  5. Return the Vehicle: At the end of the rental period, return the car to the dealership, following their instructions for drop-off and final inspection.

Advantages of Renting from a Dealership

  • Familiarity with the Brand: If you’re considering purchasing a vehicle from the same brand, renting from the dealership allows you to experience the car firsthand.
  • Potential Discounts: Dealerships may offer discounts or special rates for their rental services, especially for existing customers or those considering a purchase.
  • Convenience for Service Customers: If your vehicle is being serviced at the dealership, renting a car from them can be a convenient option for temporary transportation.

Renting a Car from a Dealership: An Overview

Renting a car from a dealership make sense for several reasons:

  • Convenience: Dealerships offer rental services on-site, making it easy to pick up and return the rental car.
  • Brand-Specific Vehicles: Dealerships typically rent out vehicles from the brand they sell, allowing you to experience a specific make and model.
  • Maintenance and Service: Rental cars from dealerships are often well-maintained and serviced regularly.
  • Potential for Purchase: In some cases, you may have the option to purchase the rental car after your rental period if you like the vehicle.

Considerations When Renting from a Dealership

  • Limited Vehicle Selection: Dealerships typically offer a limited selection of vehicles from their brand, which may not suit all needs or preferences.
  • Availability: Rental availability at dealerships may be limited, especially during peak periods or for popular models.
  • Rental Policies: Be sure to review the dealership’s rental policies, including mileage limits, insurance requirements, and any additional fees or restrictions.


Yes, Car dealerships do offer rental services but not for the general public such as a Hertz or an AVIS. Rather they only rent for extended test drives or while a customers car is being serviced.


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