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How Do they Repo a Car Without Keys

How Do they Repo a Car Without Keys

A repo man (short for “repossession agent”) can repossess your car without having the keys through various methods.

The most common approach is towing the vehicle onto a flatbed truck or using specialized equipment to hoist and tow it away. 

Here are some other common techniques they use:

TowingThe most common method is to simply tow the car onto a flatbed truck. All they need is access to the vehicle, not the keys.
HotwiringIn some cases, repo agents may hotwire the car to start it and drive it away. This is generally legal as long as they don’t damage the vehicle.
Duplicate KeysRepo companies can obtain duplicate keys from the lender or manufacturer using the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
Unlocking ToolsSpecialized unlocking tools and techniques can be used by experienced repo agents to gain entry without keys.
How do they repo cars without keys

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