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How Does CarGurus Vehicle Delivery Work

How Does CarGurus Vehicle Delivery Work

Searching for a used car but having no luck finding one locally? Considering an out-of-state vehicle purchase but unsure how shipping would work?

As an experienced car dealer, I often get questions from buyers about how to ship vehicles, and in particular, how the CarGurus vehicle delivery works.

So, to provide better answers, I did some research and created the following guide. In the article below, I’ll explain everything you need to know about having a car delivered through CarGurus.

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What is CarGurus Delivery & How Does it Work?

CarGurus Delivery allows car shoppers to buy eligible vehicles listed on from dealerships nationwide and have them shipped directly to their door. It removes geographic restrictions, opening up access to more inventory.

Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Dealers can opt-in to offer delivery services for their listings on CarGurus. Eligible vehicles have a truck icon.
  • Buyers browse inventory and connect with dealers remotely to negotiate pricing and financing terms.
  • Once purchased, the dealer coordinates transportation through a third-party shipper to the buyer’s address.
  • Delivery times vary by distance and transport availability. Most are 5-14 days.

So in a nutshell – CarGurus Delivery provides a convenient way to buy and receive vehicles remotely without needing to visit dealerships in person.

Why Use CarGurus Delivery?

Here are the main benefits of using CarGurus Delivery:

  • Expanded inventory – Search nationwide listings to find scarce models locally
  • Contactless buying – Complete the car buying process completely online
  • Door-to-door delivery – Vehicle shipped to your home address
  • Time savings – Avoid cross-country trips to view and retrieve vehicles

For buyers frustrated by limited local selection or seeking unique vehicles, CarGurus Delivery makes the car buying process easier and more customized.

What are the Steps to Buy a Deliverable Vehicle?

What are the Steps to Buy a Deliverable Vehicle

If you spot a vehicle you like with the delivery truck icon, here is the process to purchase it:

Browse Listings & Connect with Dealers

  • Search CarGurus inventory filtered by makes/models, price, features etc.
  • Shortlist vehicles, view specs, and see delivery cost breakdowns
  • Message dealers through CarGurus to ask questions and negotiate price

Initiate Purchase & Qualify for Financing

  • Start official buying process if offer is accepted
  • Apply for financing if needed and submit documents to dealer
  • Finalize sale agreement remotely once loan approved

Coordinate Shipping Logistics

  • Dealer submits order to shipper to transport vehicle to your address
  • Get updates on expected delivery date and details
  • Ensure driveway access on delivery day

So those are the key steps from initially finding your ideal vehicle to having it arrive at your home through CarGurus Delivery!

What Does CarGurus Delivery Cost?

What Does CarGurus Delivery Cost

This is one of the most common questions I get from prospective buyers. Delivery fees can vary substantially depending on the individual dealer. Guidelines:

  • Some dealers cover shipping costs (no buyer fees)
  • Others charge flat transport fees, typically $500 – $1500
  • Per-mile fees also apply occasionally, averaging $1.50/mile

However much the delivery charge is, it will always be clearly shown next to the listing’s price on CarGurus before contacting the dealer. So buyers know the total cost upfront.

I always recommend asking dealers to break out any fees not accounted for on CarGurus as well during price negotiations, including:

  • Documentation/preparation charges
  • Cleaning/reconditioning costs
  • Aftermarket accessories

Having an itemized breakdown ensures no last-minute surprises or exorbitant add-ons that dealers sometimes try slipping in.

Receiving & Inspecting Your Delivered Vehicle

The delivery process may seem quick and convenient, but thorough inspection upon receiving your vehicle is critical before acceptance or especially for used cars.

Here are some best practices:

  • Review Carfax or Autocheck reports from the dealer before purchase
  • Carefully assess condition on delivery day before signing
  • Take on an extensive test drive of 20-30 mins if possible
  • Have a mechanic do an inspection within the return window if any issues
  • Check that features/components match the dealers listings
  • Document any undisclossed interior/exterior defects with photos

If everything checks out, sign the title paperwork and you’re all set! Otherwise, reach out to the dealer immediately regarding returns/refunds per their policy. Don’t get stuck with an undisclosed problem vehicle.

What If I’m Not Satisfied Post-Delivery?

What If Im Not Satisfied Post Delivery

Most dealers enable test drives and conditional returns in case issues arise or the vehicle simply doesn’t meet expectations after delivery. Each dealer sets their own policies.

Important things to clarify on beforehand when buying:

  • Return deadline (usually 5-7 days from delivery)
  • Required condition of returns
  • Refund processing time and fees
  • Transporting rejected vehicles back to dealer

Reputable dealers stand behind their vehicles and make the return and refund process smooth if needed. But policies need to be understood before purchase.

CarGurus Delivery Reviews from Actual Customers

While CarGurus Delivery seems straightforward and convenient on paper, how does the process actually go for real-world customers buying vehicles? Here are first-hand reviews from several buyers on their experiences:

“Awesome experience, so fast, delivery person was everything you could hope for. Vehicle arrived on time, clean and a tank full. A few initials and signatures after reading and took it for a test drive.” – Elwood

“They were very helpful in showing me the vehicle, even from a distance! They delivered the vehicle in a timely fashion. A very good experience.” – Jerry

“We were very satisfied with the delivery and delivery person who brought up my car. He let me know when he would be arriving in advance and kept in touch. The vehicle was in great condition when he dropped it off!” – Connie

The overall sentiment seems positive – timely deliveries, good communication, and vehicles arriving as expected upon initial inspections.

However, you’ll notice these reviews lacked follow-up on whether issues cropped up afterwards or the process if returns/refunds were needed. As I mentioned earlier, thoroughly checking vehicle condition and post-purchase dealer policies are key.

Key Takeaways on CarGurus Delivery

I hope this guide gave you a comprehensive overview of how CarGurus’ vehicle delivery service works and what to expect as a buyer. Here are some key summary points:

  • Eliminates geographic restrictions to expand inventory access
  • Enables completely online car buying without visiting dealers
  • Costs vary by dealer but are shown upfront in listings
  • Careful inspection of vehicles upon delivery is a must, especially for used cars
  • Clarify conditional return windows, policies, transport, and fees in advance

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