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How To Find DUI Check Points Near You

How To Find DUI Check Points Near You

Maybe it’s Superbowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, or just another weekend, and you want to have a few adult beverages and then eventually drive home. Before we get into if that’s a good idea, how can you find DUI checkpoints near you to either skip the delay or avoid possible detection?

Popular apps that can identify DUI checkpoints based on crowd-sourced user submissions include:

AppKey Features
WazeNavigation app with police alerts from user reports (Top Pick)
PhantomAlertAlerts for checkpoints, speed traps based on reports
Mr. CheckpointFree Android app showing community-reported checkpoints
Checkpoint WingmanSends noise alerts when approaching suspected checkpoints
DUI SavorAggregates user checkpoints reports and maps locations
Dui checkpoint finder apps

While the above apps provide generally reliable information, reports are based entirely on data from other users, which means you can never be 100% sure what you’re getting is accurate or up to date.

Drivers should use discretion and drive sober regardless of checkpoints.

Out of the available options, Waze seems to be the most widely used and accurate app for identifying active DUI screening zones.

The Best App To Find DUI Checkpoints

In my opinion, Waze is probably the best app to identify where DUI checkpoints are.

Why is Waze The Best?

For one, Waze is free, and for two, Waze has far more active users at any given time than any DUI-specific app. Since these apps rely on user input, the app most likely to help you is the app with the most active users.

It’s important to note, however, that Waze doesn’t actually tell you where a checkpoint is; it tells you where police activity is and where traffic is slowed down.

the best dui checkpoint app

Using a little common sense, if you’re heading in a direction where police are marked and/or traffic appears to be slowed down, you can be pretty sure that’s a DUI checkpoint.

How Do DUI Checkpoint Apps Work?

Checkpoint apps rely on real-time user submissions about active enforcement locations. As drivers go through checkpoints, they can submit location reports.

By aggregating these collective reports, the apps build maps showing high-activity areas with frequent DUI operations.

How Do DUI Checkpoint Apps Work

Some also provide audible warnings when close to reported checkpoint spots.

This combination of crowd-sourced intelligence and mapping helps steer users away from intersections where police are running drunk driving checks. However, no app is completely fail-proof.

What is The Penalty For Avoiding a DUI Checkpoint?

Laws for evading a DUI checkpoint vary from state to state, but generally, it isn’t specifically illegal to turn to avoid a DUI. Here are some additional details:

  • It is not illegal to turn around to avoid a DUI checkpoint as long as you comply with all traffic laws. However, doing so could provide probable cause for police to pull you over if they witness any traffic violations or suspicious behavior.
  • If you come to a DUI checkpoint, you are legally required to stop. Refusing to stop at a checkpoint can lead to serious legal consequences, such as being charged with evading law enforcement or other traffic violations.
  • Penalties for avoiding a checkpoint by driving through it without stopping may include traffic citations, fines, license suspensions, or even jail time, depending on the state laws and circumstances.
  • While you must stop at a checkpoint if you encounter one, you have the right to remain silent and are not required to answer potentially incriminating questions.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Checkpoint Apps

On the plus side, checkpoint logging apps legally enable drivers to avoid randomly crossing paths with active DUI screening stations. This reduces the chances of being flagged for further sobriety checks.

However, limitations to consider include:

  • User reports may have inaccuracies or lag times
  • Apps should never promote drunk driving
  • Police typically disapprove of enforcement evasion

Ultimately, safe and sober driving remains the only real way to avoid checkpoints. No app substitutes making sound judgments before getting on the road.

depiction of a dui checkpoint

Apps to Help You Avoid a DUI

Getting behind the wheel drunk puts you and others at tremendous risk. A DUI charge also brings steep legal penalties and costs.

Thankfully, your phone can help you avoid driving under the influence through rideshares, breathalyzers, trip planning, and more.

AppCategoryKey Features
UberRidesharingOn-demand rides from nearby drivers
LyftRidesharingRidesharing similar to Uber
CurbRidesharingLicensed taxi ride sharing
ViaRidesharingShared ridesharing for lower cost
SaferRideTransportationSimplified interface to call rides or friends
ENDUIPlanning/EducationTracks drinking, coordinates rides
Have a PlanPlanningCreates ride plans and reminders
BreathometerBreathalyzerLinks with external BAC device
AlcohootBreathalyzerUses smartphone to measure BAC
BACtrackBreathalyzerAccurate police-grade breathalyzer
AlcoDroidBAC EstimatorManually logs drinks to estimate BAC
IntelliDrinkBAC EstimatorPredicts time until legally sober again
StearClearDesignated DriverDispatches designated drivers for you/car
DDVIPDesignated DriverSpecial deals for volunteer designated drivers

Rideshare Services: The Best Way to Get Home Safe

The easiest way to avoid a DUI is not driving yourself home if you’ve been drinking. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft now make this possible with just a few taps on your phone.

plan ahead to avoid a dui.  call a cab or a rideshare service

These on-demand rides eliminate any excuse for driving drunk, which is why rideshares are the #1 recommended DUI prevention method.

Other options like Curb and Via connect you with licensed taxi and shared rides at affordable rates too. With so many ways to conveniently and economically get rides, drinking and driving is never worth the risk.

Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Level Before Driving

While rideshares should be your first choice if drinking, having apps that analyze your blood alcohol content can provide an extra layer of protection.

Breathometer and Alcohoot use smartphone-linked breathalyzers to measure your actual BAC based on your breath.

For estimates without a costly external device, BAC calculator apps like AlcoDroid and IntelliDrink let you enter your drinks to approximate your BAC.

Monitoring your BAC gives you clear feedback on when you’ve had too much to drive safely. Pair tracking apps with planned rides, and you’ll avoid ever placing yourself or the public in danger.

AppKey Features
BreathometerLinks with a breathalyzer for accurate BAC readings
AlcoDroidManual drink logging calculates estimated BAC
IntelliDrinkPredicts time when you’ll return to legal BAC

Plan Ahead to Stay Safe

Being proactive by planning your transportation in advance is ideal for prevention. Apps like ENDUI and Have a Plan allow you to coordinate rides and track drinks as you’re out.

By prearranging rides or designating sober drivers and setting reminders through these apps, you eliminate mistakes and risky decision making as BAC climbs higher. Having backups like local taxi numbers pre-loaded also provides peace of mind.

Testing reaction times using games in apps like ENDUI shows if you may be over the impairment line. While not definitive for all, they reinforce the threats of driving drunk.

My Closing Thoughts

The core advice remains to never drive if you’ve had too much alcohol. But leveraging the powers of apps to estimate intoxication, arrange safer rides, and make responsible planning easy gives you every tool needed to prevent DUIs. Avoiding driving drunk protects everyone sharing the roads.

Sources For This Article:

This article is meant for informational purposes only and does not encourage or condone operating a vehicle while impaired under any circumstances. Drunk driving remains illegal and extremely hazardous. The author does not guarantee the accuracy or timeliness of the checkpoint identification apps listed, and is not liable for any legal or medical consequences arising from use/misuse of these or other apps meant to deter impaired driving. Drivers use such apps at their own discretion and are fully responsible for their actions and choices before getting behind the wheel. There is no substitute for responsible decision-making when it comes to consuming alcohol or other substances that slow reaction times or alter cognitive abilities required for safely operating motor vehicles amongst vehicular traffic and pedestrians. The only sure way to avoid a DUI is arranging alternate transportation when intoxicated, via rideshare, public transit, taxi, designated driver service, staying put, or other reasonable option that separates you from the driver’s seat until completely sober and unaffected. The author does not assume any liability related to choices made concerning drinking and driving or utilization of the potentially flawed apps described here or elsewhere.

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