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How To Find The Title Number For Car

How To Find Title Number For Car

Are you trying to figure out how to find the title number for car? You’ve come to the right place.

The article I created below will walk through exactly what a car’s title number is, why it matters, and how to find the title number or perform a car title number lookup online – whether you have the title in hand or not

Key Takeaways – Find Title Number

  • A car’s title number specifically identifies current legal ownership
  • It can be needed to replace a lost title, sell to a new owner or register for insurance
  • Easy to find printed on the title, registration or DMV renewal notice
  • Contact the DMV or your insurance if documents are unavailable
  • Use reputable online title number lookups for instant title number verification

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What is a Car Title Number?

A car’s title number, also called a vehicle title number, is an 8-digit code that specifically identifies your car’s Certificate of Title document that proves legal ownership. It can be used for:

  • Obtaining a duplicate title if the original is lost
  • Transferring ownership when selling the car
  • Verifying identity for certain DMV transactions

Unlike the more permanent 17-digit VIN, which provides vehicle details, the title number changes with each new owner.

Where to Find Car Title Number

If you have access to any paperwork related to your vehicle, locating the title number is gonna be easy. Here are the top places to check:

1. Certificate of Title

The vehicle’s title document itself displays the car’s title number prominently at the top, usually above the VIN. It differs slightly from state to state where some states like Florida clearly identify the number and states like California do not.

where to find title number example 1
Where to find title number example (California)

2. Registration Card

Check the registration card kept in your glove compartment. The title number for car is typically printed alongside details like VIN and vehicle license plate.

3. Renewal Notice

Your periodic renewal notice for re-registering the vehicle will also have the title number listed.

Without any documents available, there are still options to uncover your title number:

4. DMV Title Number Lookup

The DMV maintains records of every car’s title number linked to your account.

Visit your state DMV website and look for a section such as a vehicle information check or title lookup. Here you can usually enter your Vin number and it will populate your title information along with your title number.

For example, here is Florida’s Vehicle Information Check:

5. Insurance Company

Insurers keep all policyholders’ vehicle documentation, like title numbers, on file. Call yours to request a search.

Websites to perform a title number lookup

For fast and convenient title number verification, there are various reputable third-party websites offering online lookup services:

1. VinAudit

VinAudit provides comprehensive vehicle history reports with title details like ownership records, accidents, repairs and more.

2. EpicVIN

EpicVIN’s lookups deliver title status, sales records, damage reports and ownership history.

3. FaxVIN

FaxVIN enables title verification plus full vehicle history through their robust database.

Free VIN Check Services

While direct title number checks for free are not commonly advertised, several websites offer free VIN checks, which can indirectly provide information related to the vehicle’s title status:

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) VINCheck

NICB’s VINCheck offers a free service to check if a vehicle has been reported stolen or salvaged. This can give useful insights into potential title issues.


VehicleHistory’s VIN checks include some title-related data like flood or salvage brands that may impact the title’s legitimacy.’s reports compile vehicle history details from various sources that could reveal title problems for free.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)

While not free, NMVTIS provides the most complete title data. Some approved providers on their site might offer basic title insights for free.

Just ensure any online service is vetted and secure before entering personal details.

Why Do You Need to Know the Title Number?

While just having the title document itself is normally enough, there are instances when accessing the actual title number is necessary:

  • Replacing a lost title – Filing for a duplicate requires entering the title number as identification.
  • Selling to a new owner – They will need it in order to legally register the car.
  • Purchasing insurance – Some providers request title number in addition to VIN.

So keeping a record of those eight digits can save major hassle.

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