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Understanding the NHS Affinity Car Scheme

Understanding the NHS Affinity Car Scheme

The NHS Affinity Car Scheme is a unique initiative designed to provide NHS employees with exclusive discounts on new cars. This article provides an in-depth look at the scheme, its benefits, and how NHS employees can take advantage of it.

What is the NHS Affinity Car Scheme?

The NHS Affinity Car Scheme is a special program that offers discounted car prices to employees of public sector institutions, including the NHS, local government, emergency services, schools, and government employees.

This scheme is not limited to current employees but also extends to retired employees of these institutions.

NHS Affinity Car Lease Scheme

The NHS Affinity Car Lease Scheme is a part of the broader Affinity Car Scheme. It provides a flexible and affordable car lease option to NHS employees. The leasing process is straightforward and handled by the leasing company, reducing the administrative burden on the NHS and its employees. The cars are delivered directly to the employees and include full manufacturer warranties. The lease scheme also allows for the option of full maintenance, providing an all-inclusive solution for NHS employees.

How Does the Scheme Work?

The process of availing the benefits of the NHS Affinity Car Scheme is straightforward.

Employees need to register with their company’s unique Affinity code. Once registered, they can view all the cars and offers available to them.

They can configure their chosen model to their liking and submit an enquiry to their local retailer, including the details of their configured car.

Benefits of the NHS Affinity Car Scheme

The primary benefit of the NHS Affinity Car Scheme is the significant savings it offers on new cars. These savings are not limited to base models but extend to optional extras as well.

The scheme also includes finance options, making it easier for NHS employees to own a new car.

Participating Brands in the NHS Affinity Car Scheme

Several leading car manufacturers participate in the NHS Affinity Car Scheme.

These include brands like Hyundai, MG, and many others. The scheme covers a wide range of vehicles, including electric and hybrid cars, providing NHS employees with a broad selection to choose from.


The NHS Affinity Car Scheme is a fantastic initiative that acknowledges the hard work and dedication of NHS and other public sector employees. By offering significant discounts on new cars, it provides these employees with an opportunity to own their dream car at a much more affordable price.

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