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What is a KN Car

What is a KN Car?

What Is the KN Car Brand?

Have you seen cars driving around with big KNs on them and wondered, “What is a KN car?”

Answer: You might be surprised to find out that the KN car isn’t KN at all, it’s actually just KIA but with a new design that makes it appear to be KN.

The Rebranding of Kia

the rebranding of kia
The rebranding of Kia

In early 2021, the South Korean automaker Kia unveiled a new logo as part of a major rebranding effort.

The new logo features a stylized and minimalist design, with the letters “K” and “I” connected and the “A” missing its horizontal line.

While the new logo was intended to represent Kia’s commitment to innovation and its future-oriented vision, it has caused significant confusion among consumers.

Many people have mistaken the new logo for “KN” instead of “Kia,” leading to a surge in online searches for the new logo.

The Confusion Surrounding the “KN Car”

According to search data, there are around 30,000 searches per month in the United States for the term “KN car.” This spike in searches began shortly after Kia introduced its new logo and vehicles featuring the redesigned emblem hit the market.

The confusion stems from the unconventional design of the new logo, which departs significantly from Kia’s previous circular emblem. The connected “K” and “I” letters, combined with the missing horizontal line in the “A,” make the logo resemble “KN” at first glance.

Search TermAverage Monthly Searches (US)
“KN car”30,000
“KN car brand”5,400
“KN car logo”2,400

As the table shows, in addition to “KN car,” people are also searching for related terms like “KN car brand” and “KN car logo,” further highlighting the widespread confusion caused by Kia’s rebranding.

Kia’s Response and Potential Solutions

While Kia has not directly addressed the confusion surrounding its new logo, the top search results for “KN car” on Google now point to Kia’s official website, helping to clarify the misunderstanding.

However, some experts suggest that Kia could have taken additional steps to mitigate the confusion, such as:

  • Conducting more extensive market research before finalizing the new logo design
  • Launching educational campaigns to familiarize consumers with the new branding
  • Considering minor design tweaks to improve the logo’s legibility, such as adding a dash or separating the letters

Despite the initial confusion, Kia’s rebranding effort is part of a broader strategy to position the company as a leader in electric and autonomous vehicle technologies.

The new logo is intended to convey a modern and innovative image, aligning with Kia’s future-oriented vision.

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