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How to Get a Copy of Your Car Title Fast

How to Get a Copy of Your Car Title Fast

Have you lost your car title?

Fortunately, state DMV’s have processes that can get you a copy of your title as fast as the SAME DAY.

However, the exact time will depend on which state the car is registered in. Use the table of contents to find the information you’ll need to get your cars title quickly.

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Key Steps to Get a Replacement Title

Follow these essential steps to replace a lost or stolen car title:

  • Gather vehicle details – have your VIN, year/make/model, odometer, plate #, and lienholder info ready
  • Complete the title application form for your state
  • Include ownership proof like registration or bill of sale
  • Submit ID such as a valid driver’s license or passport
  • Pay required fees ($20-$30 plus expedited service charges)
  • Apply in person at the DMV if possible for fastest processing

Processing times vary widely by state from 2 days up to 6 weeks. Let’s look at a few state-specific details on getting replacement titles fast.

Same-Day Duplicate Titles

Several states allow expedited same-day duplicate titles if you apply in person rather than mailing applications.

For example, at Florida DMV offices, you can get a printed replacement title while you wait by paying an additional $10 “Fast Title” fee when applying.

Other States that Offer Same Day Duplicate Titles:

  • California- (Not always same day, but possible for $15 extra)
  • Ohio- (Not same day but quickly at only 5 days)
  • Georgia- (Visit your local County Tag Office to get a new title printed the same day)
  • New York (2-3 days)
  • Texas (2-3 days)

Remember: Duplicate titles void the original title! If you find your original title, destroy it or else you could end up confusing the two later and trying to use the original title which will have been voided.

Getting Duplicate Titles in Specific States

Getting Duplicate Titles in Specific States

Requirements for replacing lost car titles varies across different states. Here are some key details for several common states:


  • Visit local DMV office or apply online using form HSMV 82101
  • Pay $75.75 duplicate title fee plus $78.25 processing
  • New titles issued within 5 business days
  • Same-day expedited titles available for extra $10 fee


  • Submit in-person or mail Application for Duplicate Title (REG 227)
  • Pay $23 duplicate title fee
  • Include license, registration, and other docs
  • Request expedited processing for $15 to receive title in 8-10 days


  • Apply using Application for MO Title & License (Form 108)
  • Check “Duplicate Title” box and submit $14.50 fee
  • Mail to central DMV office or any location
  • Titles processed in 3-5 business days

New York

  • Apply online, mail, or in-person with form MV-902
  • Pay standard $20 duplicate title fee
  • Expedited titles option reduces wait to 2 days for extra $20


  • Mail documents to OH Bureau of Motor Vehicles
  • Submit Application for Certificate of Title (BMV 1173)
  • Pay $15 duplicate fee plus $5 processing
  • 5 business day turnaround


  • Visit your local County Tag Office and complete form MV-1
  • Pay $8 duplicate title fee
  • New title issued in 7-10 business days

North Carolina

  • Visit DMV office and complete form MVR-4
  • Pay $20 duplicate title fee
  • All applications must age 15 days before title is issued


  • Complete form VSD 190 Duplicate Title Application
  • Pay $50 duplicate title fee
  • New title issued in 4-6 weeks


  • Visit DMV office and complete VSA 66/VSA 67 form
  • Pay title replacement fee (amount varies)
  • New title mailed in 5 business days

Using Online DMV Services

Applying online is convenient if available in your state. New York, Texas, and others allow online duplicate title applications.

You still need to mail supporting docs but it speeds starting the process.

Virginia permits getting a vehicle title fast through its web portal’s instant title service. They print and mail your replacement usually in under 5 business days.

So check your DMV for online applications to replace lost car titles quickly without an office visit.

Why Do You Need a Car Title?

Why Do You Need a Car Title

Your car title legally proves vehicle ownership.

It contains key details like the VIN, year/make/model, owner name/address, and odometer reading. You’ll need the title when selling, registering in a new state, getting insurance, taking out a loan, and more.

Without it, you can’t transfer ownership if you sell.

So, if you lost or misplaced your title, apply for a replacement immediately through your local DMV.

Don’t wait until you urgently need it. Let’s walk through the steps I’ve used many times to help customers get duplicate titles efficiently.

Key Supporting Documentation

To ensure quick turnaround times, be sure to include any supporting paperwork the DMV requests, which may include:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Insurance documentation
  • Bill of sale/purchase agreement
  • DMV vehicle inspection form
  • Valid photo ID like a driver’s license
  • Lien release from financier

Having these supporting documents complete and ready to provide will prevent any delays issuing your duplicate title.

Safeguarding Titles

I recommend that once you get the replacement title, store it securely to prevent needing duplicates again. Some smart places are a home safe, bank safe deposit box, or fireproof document bag.

You also might consider registering the title “or” instead of “and” between multiple owners. “Or” allows either person to handle duplicate titles and transfers without tracking the other owner down.

Finally, consider adding title insurance when registering a car. It covers certain legal costs if issues later arise over proving ownership.

Selling a Car Without the Title

Selling a Car Without the Title

It’s illegal to sell a car without having the title in most states. So before listing your vehicle for sale, submit your duplicate title request and get the new title in hand.

In some cases you may be able to sell using just a bill of sale – but that opens up risk of ownership disputes later. Get the replacement title so buyers know you legitimately own the car.

Key Takeaways

  • Car titles legally prove your vehicle’s ownership
  • Apply for a duplicate immediately if yours is lost
  • Gather vehicle details, IDs, ownership proof for applications
  • Expedited in-person DMV processing available in many states
  • Online applications also speed starting the replacement process
  • Ensure you have key supporting docs to avoid delays
  • Store new titles securely once received to avoid repeats

My Final Thoughts

Replacing lost car titles is manageable if you act quickly, provide the DMV’s requested application info, and follow up on any requests they have. With a few hours of time invested, you can get your duplicate title copy and check this hassle off your to-do list.

Let me know if any other questions come up during your duplicate title application process!

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