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How To Sell a Car in AZ

How To Sell a Car in AZ

Selling a car privately in Arizona is slightly different than it might be in states like Florida. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and legal transaction when you need to sell a car in AZ.

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Step 1: Prepare the Necessary Documents

The first step in selling a car in Arizona isn’t very different than in any other state, and that is to gather all the necessary documents.

This includes the car title, vehicle history report, and any lien-release documents if your vehicle was previously financed.

Having these documents ready will help speed along the process because none of us enjoy extra time at the DMV!

Step 2: Complete a Sold Notice

As the seller, you are required to complete a sold notice on the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) website.

This step is crucial as it informs the MVD that you have sold the vehicle and releases you from future liability for the vehicle.

Step 3: Sign the Title

Next, sign off the back of the title and have your signature notarized (In AZ you need to have both parties present to sign in the presence of a Notary).

Be sure to include the buyer’s name and address, the buyer’s signature, and an odometer disclosure if the car is less than ten years old. This step officially transfers ownership of the vehicle to the buyer.

Step 4: Remove the License Plate

After the sale, remove the license plate from the vehicle. You can then contact the MVD to transfer it to another vehicle you own or destroy it. This step is important as it prevents misuse of the license plate after the vehicle is sold.

Step 5: Provide the Title to the Buyer

Once the title has been signed and notarized, provide it to the buyer along with any lien release, if applicable. This will allow the buyer to register the vehicle in their name.

Step 6: Complete a Bill of Sale

Although not legally required by the Arizona DMV, it’s a good practice to complete a bill of sale (ADOT Form 48-2004). This document should include the identification of both parties, purchase price, description of the vehicle, and the signature of a notary public.

Step 7: Request a Registration Credit

Within 30 days of the sale, you can request a registration credit from the MVD. This can be applied to your next vehicle registration.

Step 8: Notify the MVD

Complete a Sold Notice/Transfer of Ownership form (Form 46-8502) and send it to the state within 10 days of the sale. This informs the MVD that the vehicle has been sold and is no longer in your possession.


Remember, the buyer is responsible for registering the vehicle and obtaining a new license plate. They will need the bill of sale, completed title, title and registration application form, and any lien-release documents, if applicable. The buyer can get a 3-day restricted use permit online at the Arizona MVD to drive the vehicle and complete the registration process. By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and legal private car sale in Arizona.

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