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Someone Wants To Buy My Car Without Seeing It

Someone Wants To Buy My Car Without Seeing It

You’ve decided to sell your car on Facebook Marketplace or a more well-known website like Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader.


However, inherent dangers can arise when buyers offer to purchase your vehicle without an in-person inspection.

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Essential Precautions When Selling Your Vehicle Remotely

StagePrecautions for Sellers
Initial Inquiry– Require phone call to discuss details – Confirm local address of buyer – Question unusual payment offers
Buyer Screening– Verify driver’s license and insurance – Run background check on buyer – Research online presence
Vehicle Documentation– Take extensive photos/videos of car – Disclose full vehicle history – Provide maintenance records
Sale Agreement– Handle title transfer at DMV after sale – Release car only after payment clears – Use secure escrow service if wired funds
Avoiding Scams– Meet buyer in person when possible – Reject unusual payment methods – Don’t share personal financial information – Trust instincts if deal seems suspicious
Essential Precautions When Selling Your Vehicle Remotely

Buyers May Not Be Serious or Legitimate

After listing, you may get inquiries from potential buyers offering to buy your car virtually, unseen. This seems appealing but opens you to scams or issues when the buyer never shows up.

Some “buyers” contacting your Gmail or listing may simply collect personal information for identity theft or waste your time. Remain extremely cautious with remote offers.

How to Avoid Scams with Proper Screening

If someone wants to buy your motor vehicle remotely:

  • Verify identity: Get their driver license, insurance, run background checks to confirm legitimacy.
  • Ensure local address: Avoid overseas buyers and transactions with higher fraud risk.
  • Question overpayment: Offers well above your asking price or fair market value may indicate scams.
  • Provide extensive details: Numerous photos, videos documenting any vehicle history issues or damage.
  • Handle payment securely: Do not sign over the title until wired funds fully clear into your account or held by escrow service.

Trust your instincts during communications — end discussions if anything seems suspicious. Protect yourself and your car or truck with careful screening.

You Can Still Sell Safely Remotely

Selling an unseen vehicle has challenges, but thousands do so safely yearly.

By thoroughly vetting buyers, offering transparency on your car or truck’s history, and requiring secure remote payment, you can too. Use good judgment when interacting remotely to avoid scams or fraud.

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