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What is a Reconstructed Title

What is a Reconstructed Title

A reconstructed title is actually referred to as a Rebuilt Title, and it’s a type of vehicle title that indicates the car has been significantly damaged, usually in an accident, and then underwent extensive repairs to make it roadworthy again.

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What is a Reconstructed Title?

Here are the key points about reconstructed titles:

  • A reconstructed title is issued for a vehicle that was previously declared a total loss or given a salvage title by an insurance company due to major damage.
  • After the vehicle is repaired to meet state safety standards, it can be issued a reconstructed/rebuilt title instead of the previous salvage title.
  • To obtain a reconstructed title, the owner must provide documentation proving the vehicle has been properly repaired, such as receipts, photos, and inspection reports from licensed mechanics/body shops. The car must also pass a state safety inspection.

Differences from Clean Title

  • A reconstructed title indicates the vehicle has sustained significant previous damage, unlike a clean title.
  • Cars with reconstructed titles generally have lower resale values compared to similar vehicles with clean titles.
  • It can be more difficult and expensive to insure a car with a reconstructed title, as some insurers may deny full coverage or charge higher premiums.

Pros and Cons


  • Lower purchase price than comparable clean title vehicles
  • Thoroughly repaired to meet safety standards


  • Potential for hidden damage not addressed in repairs
  • Difficulty obtaining full insurance coverage
  • Lower resale value in the future
  • Difficulty financing from major lenders

In summary, a reconstructed title signifies a vehicle’s significant previous damage history and extensive repairs required to make it roadworthy again, which impacts its value, insurability, and resale potential compared to clean title vehicles.

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