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Where To Get a Key Made by Vin Number

Where To Get a Key Made by Vin Number

How to Get a Car Key Made by VIN Number

If you’ve lost all your car keys and don’t have a spare, you can get a new key made using your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). The 17-character code identifies your specific car and the key code needed to cut a new key.

Where to Get a Key Made by VINTypical Cost
Automotive Locksmith$75 – $200
Dealership$100 – $300+
Online Key Code Service$20 – $100
Where to Get a Key Made by VIN

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1. Getting a Key Made by an Automotive Locksmith

One of the easiest ways to get a replacement key made by VIN is to call an automotive locksmith. They have the tools and databases to retrieve your key code from the VIN and cut a new key on-site.


  • Fast service, often same-day
  • Convenience of mobile service
  • Can program transponder keys


  • More expensive than some alternatives
  • Need to provide proof of ownership

2. Getting a Key Made at the Dealership

You can also visit a dealership for your vehicle’s make and provide the VIN to get a new key cut and programmed. Dealerships have direct access to manufacturer key code databases.


  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Can replace transponder and smart keys


  • Often the most expensive option
  • May need to make an appointment
  • Need to take your car to the dealership

3. Online Key Code Services

Some companies provide low-cost VIN to key code lookup services online. You submit your VIN, and they retrieve the key code, which you can take to a locksmith to get a new key cut.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fast turnaround, often within an hour


  • Need to take key to locksmith to be cut
  • May not work for very old or new vehicle models

Getting a Transponder or Smart Key by VIN

For vehicles with transponder (chipped) keys or smart keys, an additional programming step is required after cutting the new key.

This can be done by an automotive locksmith or at the dealership.

Transponder keys need to be programmed to sync with your car’s immobilizer system. Smart keys need to be programmed to operate keyless entry and push-button start features.

Find out the cost of replacing and programming transponder keys.

Proof of Ownership Required

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to provide proof of ownership like the vehicle registration or title. This is an anti-theft measure to ensure keys aren’t illegally duplicated.

Cost to Get a Key Made by VIN

The total cost for getting a replacement key made by VIN number can range from $75 to over $300, depending on the service provider, vehicle make, and key type. Budget locksmiths may charge $75-$150, while dealerships often charge $150-$300 or more for transponder keys.

Having a spare car key made is wise to avoid issues if your primary key is ever lost or stolen.

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  1. If I already have a key and just need it to be cut and programmed with my VIN number can I do it online because I cannot move my car so I’m trying to see if that other option I can go bye I have a key but it just need to be cut and programmed

    1. From everything I have seen, there doesnt seem to be an online service that will do this all online. For example, locksmiths and dealerships usually want proof of ownership and verification they are dealing with the owner. It’s easier for them to just require people to go to a physical location.

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