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How to Get a Rebuilt Title for Your Car in Florida

How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Florida

Rebuilt Title Florida

If you are considering purchasing a vehicle with a salvage title, or have already purchased a salvage title car, your next step is to get a Rebuilt Title so you can legally register and drive the car again.

A rebuilt title in Florida essentially indicates that the vehicle has undergone extensive repairs after being declared a total loss by an insurance company and that the State of Florida has signed off on the car being roadworthy again.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a rebuilt title in Florida.

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What is a Rebuilt Title in Florida

In Florida, a vehicle qualifies for a rebuilt title if:

  • It was previously issued a salvage title or certificate of destruction
  • The cost of repairs is less than 80% of the vehicle’s market value before the damage occurred

Steps to Get a Rebuilt Title in Florida

To obtain a rebuilt title in Florida, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Repair the Vehicle

To start, repair any damage to the vehicle to ensure it’s roadworthy. It’s important to keep all receipts and documentation for the parts used and the labor performed during the repair process.

Tip: Start documenting the restoration process early with detailed photos and receipts for all major parts/repairs. Them ore information the better!

2. Gather Required Documents

Next, you’ll need to gather the following documents:

3. Get the Vehicle Inspected

The next step is to take the vehicle to a designated inspection site. This can be done at state-approved Private Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Program (PRVIP) facilities or regional offices of the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Department. 

During the inspection, the vehicle identification number (VIN) will be verified, and the inspector will ensure that all repairs meet the necessary safety standards.

Cost of a Rebuilt Title Vehicle Inspection in Florida

Fees for the initial inspection are ($40) and any re-inspections needed if it fails are ($20 each).

List of Private Florida Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Providers.

4. Submit the Application

Finally, submit all the required documents along with the application fee, which is approximately $75-$85 for a rebuilt title. The tax collector’s office will then process your application and, upon approval, issue the rebuilt title for your vehicle.

Additional Considerations

  • You cannot drive the vehicle until you obtain the rebuilt title
  • The rebuilt title will be branded to indicate the vehicle’s history
  • Insurance rates may be higher for a vehicle with a rebuilt title
  • You’ll need to disclose the rebuilt title when selling the vehicle

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Not having sufficient documentation like photos before/during the rebuild and receipts for major components can lead to rejection.
  • Failing to complete all the required forms like the Statement of Builder.
  • Not disclosing previous condition accurately, e.g. flood/salvage status.
  • Attempting to bypass the rebuilt title process can lead to penalties if caught driving an unlicensed vehicle.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Rebuilt Title in Florida?

Based on my previous experience getting a rebuilt title at the dealership, here are the key points about how long it takes to get a rebuilt title in Florida:

  • The process of getting a rebuilt title in Florida typically takes 1-2 weeks after submitting the complete application packet and fees to the tax collector’s office.
  • The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) first reviews the application packet, which includes photos, receipts, forms, etc. This initial review by the FLHSMV can take around 2 weeks.
  • Once the FLHSMV approves the application packet, you then take it to the tax collector’s office along with the $77.25 fee to apply for the actual rebuilt title.
  • After submitting to the tax collector, it takes around 1-2 more weeks for the rebuilt title to arrive by mail.

My Final Thoughts and Tips

I recommend making sure your application packet is complete upfront because having to resubmit can add significant delays and additional fees from the FLHSMV. Also, properly documenting the repair process from the start is important if you want to get approved.

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