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How Much Can You Make On Turo

How Much Can You Make On Turo

Turo is the new hot topic for YouTubers and financial gurus who specialize in how to make money from home. But,

How much can you make on Turo?

Vehicle TypeAverage Monthly EarningsInfluencing Factors
Economy Cars$200 – $500Location, local demand, car availability
Standard Vehicles$500 – $1,000Car condition, location, travel seasonality
Luxury Cars$1,000 – $2,000+High demand, market rates, added extras
SUVs & SpecialtyVariesHigh demand periods, location, vehicle type
Popular models$500 – $1,000Hosting status, location, competitive rates
Specific Examples$36 – $48/day (2010 Subaru Outback example)Vehicle demand, location, cleanliness and maintenance
Figures are estimates and may vary. Actual Turo earnings depend on various individual and market factors.

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The short answer is that average earnings range from $500 to $1,000 per month per listed vehicle. However, actual incomes vary considerably and depend greatly on your car type, location, pricing strategy, and ability to attract consistent rentals.

Because projections vary so widely, I created the article below to help you determine if renting out your car on Turo is worth it and the right move for you to earn extra money.

Key Takeaways on Earnings Potential

  • Average monthly Turo earnings are $500 to $1,000 per vehicle
  • Luxury and specialty vehicles can earn over $1,000 per week
  • SUVs, convertibles, and top models are also lucrative
  • The frequency of rentals directly impacts profitability
  • Listing multiple vehicles scales earning potential

What Impacts Earnings on Turo?

As an individual car owner considering Turo, understanding the key variables influencing potential payouts is crucial in setting realistic expectations.

Based on Turo data and real-world host experiences, here are the most decisive factors:

Vehicle Type

  • Luxury, sports cars, SUVs earn highest rental rates
  • Mainstream crossovers, sedans offer reliability
  • Economy cars struggle to profit after expenses

Location & Seasonality

  • Major metro & tourist areas command top pricing
  • Airports & convenient pickup spots see heavy demand
  • Seasonal travel boosts summer/holiday earnings

Pricing Strategy

  • Competitive daily rates vital based on local demand
  • Added amenities like unlimited miles boost income
  • Smart discounts encourage multi-day rentals

Frequency of Rentals

  • Total lifetime bookings directly impact profit
  • Long-term rentals improve earning potential
  • High utilization is key for best performers
Vehicle ClassAvg. Monthly Earnings
Basic Economy$200 – $500
Mainstream$500 – $1,000

Real-World Turo Host Experiences

Looking beyond the averages, it’s insightful to analyze real-world examples from seasoned Turo hosts:

  • Frequent renters – One Turo host rents out their paid-off 2014 Jeep near Florida airports, earning approximately $1,000 per month after fees and cleaning expenses.
  • Luxury vehicles – A host renting out multiple high-end vehicles claims to earn $3,800 per month across three luxury cars before expenses.
  • Maximizing bookings – An owner makes $500 monthly payments for a Honda SUV purchased explicitly for Turo. Consistent rentals help offset the auto loan obligation.
  • Optimizing pricing – A user initially listed their 4-door sedan at $60/day but found greater success at $42/day after applying discounts, while still earning $700+ weekly.

8 Tips to Maximize Earnings

Beyond the car itself, hosts have several options to improve income potential:

1. Enhance flexibility – Allow short notice bookings and varied pickup times.

2. Offer extras – Additional services like cleaning and airport delivery can boost profits.

3. List multiple vehicles – More cars equal more earning potential.

4. Keep cars maintained – Well-kept interiors and mechanics earn 5-star reviews.

5. Use smart pricing – Apply discounts to incentivize longer rentals.

6. Monitor the competition – Adjust pricing based on local market rates.

7. Choose car & location wisely – Popular models in busy areas excel.

8. Treat as a business – Manage pricing, costs and marketing systematically.

The convenience of peer-to-peer car sharing holds great appeal for vehicle owners. Combined with savvy hosting practices, diligently listing your car on Turo can provide supplemental income or even full-time earnings.

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