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Cut Your Turo Rental Costs Avoid the Turo Young Driver Fee

Turo Young Driver Fee (Get it Waived)

Looking to rent a car through Turo but want to avoid the young driver fee? Turo offers convenient peer-to-peer car rentals, but charges drivers under 25 an additional daily fee to cover higher insurance costs.

Read on to learn how much Turo’s young driver fee is, who has to pay it, and tips to reduce or avoid it when you rent a car.

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Key Takeaways 

Key TakeawayExplanation
The Turo young driver fee applies to drivers under age 25.Turo charges an extra daily fee for younger drivers ages 18-24 to cover additional insurance costs.
The fee ranges from $30-50 per day depending on age.Drivers ages 18-20 pay $50/day. Drivers 21-24 pay $30/day.
Several options can help avoid or reduce the fee.Joining AAA, USAA, or having an employer/university deal can waive the fee. Using alternatives like Silvercar or Getaround can avoid it.
Know your rental’s full cost upfront.Fees like protection plans, airport delivery, and more can make a Turo rental costlier than expected.
Understand your insurance coverage.Most credit card rental coverage doesn’t apply to Turo. Review Turo’s protection plans or your own policy.

What is the Turo Young Driver Fee and Who Has to Pay It?

The Turo young driver fee is an additional daily charge applied to drivers below age 25 who book rentals on Turo. It covers the increased insurance costs associated with younger renters.

Turo, the popular peer-to-peer car rental platform, sets age requirements and restrictions to help offset risk. Drivers ages 18-24 are considered young drivers and must pay the extra daily fee in addition to the rental price.

The Turo young driver fee varies by age:

  • Ages 18-20: $50 per day
  • Ages 21-24: $30 per day

The fee applies based on the driver’s age at the time of booking. Turning 25 during the rental doesn’t waive the fee. All additional drivers under 25 on the trip also pay the fee.

Why Turo Charges the Young Driver Fee

Car rental companies consider younger drivers at higher risk, mostly due to inexperience behind the wheel. Industry data shows drivers under 25 have higher accident rates than older drivers.

This fee helps car owners offset this increased risk. The money helps cover potential claims, repairs, or depreciation associated with renting to younger drivers.

It’s also required for owners to qualify for Turo’s insurance protections. Without the fee, many would likely opt not to rent to younger drivers at all.

How to Avoid Paying or Reduce Turo’s Young Driver Fee

While Turo itself doesn’t offer discounts, some renters can get the young driver fee waived through outside affiliations:

  • AAA Membership: AAA members ages 18-24 get Hertz’s young driver fee waived. Reserve through Hertz via AAA.
  • USAA Membership: USAA waives the YD fees for eligible military members ages 18-24 at select rental companies.
  • Employer/University Discounts: Some companies and schools partner with rental agencies for fee waivers. Check with yours.

You can also reduce costs by splitting the fee with additional drivers. Add up to 7 extra drivers to divide the daily rate.

Using alternative rental companies like Silvercar (age 22+) or Getaround (tiered fees by age) can help avoid Turo’s young driver fee.

Know the Full Car Rental Cost on Turo

While a Turo rental car might appear cheap at first glance, fees can add up fast:

  • Young driver fee: $30-$50/day depending on age
  • Protection plans: $10-$35/day for damage coverage
  • Extra services: Airport delivery, unlimited mileage, car seats
  • Cleaning fees: Up to $150 for car condition violations
  • Trip fee: Up to 100% of rental cost

Going in, understand your total estimated cost, read cancellation policies, and decline unneeded extras. Have a payment method like a credit card ready.

Understand The Rental Car Companies Insurance Coverage

Most credit cards’ auto insurance benefits don’t apply to Turo rentals. Instead of assuming coverage, review Turo’s protection options.

You can decline Turo’s protection, but damages come out of your own pocket. Or explore your regular car insurance policy to understand what coverage transfers.

For peace of mind, adding one of Turo’s protection plans at checkout provides coverage for physical damage, mechanical issues, roadside assistance, and liability.


While paying extra daily fees is never ideal, the Turo young driver fee is similar to most rental car company policies. Having a complete understanding of the fee, ways to reduce costs, insurance implications, and expected total budget helps younger drivers get the most out of the convenient Turo rental experience. With some savvy planning, you can minimize unwanted surprises down the road.

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