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Where To Get a Car Title Notarized

Where To Get a Car Title Notarized

Wondering where you can get your car title notarized?

As a former licensed car dealer, I can attest that titling vehicles properly is critical for legal ownership transfers, and it also helps protect you from common used car scams.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about notarizing your car’s title.

In most states, you’ll need to sign the title before a notary public to formally transfer ownership legally. The notary verifies IDs and certifies the title change.

Online notary services now also allow convenient remote signing.

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When is a Notarized Title Required?

While a handful of states don’t require notarization, I recommend it even if your state doesn’t mandate it by law. A notarized title protects against ownership disputes and fraud for both buyers and sellers.

Here are the key reasons why notarizing a car title is important:

  • Affirms Identities: The notary checks government-issued IDs to confirm identities.
  • Voluntary Signing: Notarization proves all parties willingly signed off on the sale.
  • Informed Consent: Signers indicate they understand what they’re agreeing to.
  • Legal Backup: Provides critical evidence if ownership disputes arise later.

States That Require Car Titles To Be Noatized:

  • Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio – requires both buyer and seller to sign the notarized title
  • North Carolina
  • Montana
  • Louisiana
  • Kentucky
  • Arizona

Check your local laws, but notarization is smart even if not mandatory.

What Documentation is Needed to Notarize a Title?

Documentation is Needed to Notarize a Title

To notarize your car title, you’ll need to provide:

  • Photo ID: A valid, government-issued ID like a driver’s license or passport to confirm your identity.
  • Vehicle Title: The original title or approved duplicate title application form.

If you’re selling the car, also have ready:

  • Lien Release: If needed to show any loans on the car have been paid off.
  • Power of Attorney: If someone is signing on your behalf.

Step-by-Step Process to Get a Title Notarized

Follow these key steps when getting your title notarized:

1. Schedule an Appointment

Find a notary public near you or book time with an online service.

2. Sign Before the Notary

Sign the title in their presence, matching the name on your ID exactly.

3. Get Title Certified

The notary will verify IDs, fill in details like the date, and stamp/seal the title.

4. Register Your Title

File the notarized title with the DMV to complete the ownership transfer.

It’s a quick, easy process once you’re prepared with all the right documentation.

Where You Can Get Car Titles Notarized

Where You Can Get Car Titles Notarized

You have several convenient options of where to get your car title notarized:

  • Banks & Credit Unions: Many offer free notary services for account holders.
  • Shipping Stores: UPS, FedEx and mailing centers often have on-site notaries.
  • Insurance Offices: Some insurance agents provide complimentary notarization.
  • Government Offices: Check with your county clerk, court house, or DMV office.
  • Online Services: Sites like allow remote online notarization by appointment.

Other Sources For Notarizing A Car Title Online

  • NotaryCam ( – Specialized service for online notarization of vehicle documents like car titles. Offers comprehensive services with convenience and legal protection.
  • DocVerify ( – Highly rated for bulk document uploads like car titles. Has extensive notary network and good pricing at $24 per month.
  • NotaryLive ( – Touted for frequent users needing car titles notarized. Very simple process online and added fraud protection measures.
  • Proof ( – Made specifically for the automotive industry. Good for car dealerships with tools to easily collect POAs and odometer statements online.

I recommend online notarization for its ease of use. It connects you to a notary via live video chat so you can get documents signed from home. Ideal if you’re buying a car out of state or need flexible scheduling.

What Does It Cost to Notarize a Car Title?

cost mobile notaries

Notary public fees typically run under $10 per signature. Costs can vary, though, from free services at your bank to $15 with mobile notaries who travel directly to you.

  • Compare rates if aiming to save money. But convenience may be worth paying more.
  • Online notaries can be cheaper since there’s no travel charges.
  • Consider bundled packages if notarizing multiple documents.

My Final Thoughts

The bottom line is notarization costs are reasonable for protecting this valuable documentation.

By following these best practices on where and how to get your title notarized, you can have peace of mind that your ownership rights are legally secured during any vehicle sale or trade-in. Let me know if any other titling questions come up!

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