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How Much Does Turo Take From Host

How Much Does Turo Take From Host

Turo has become a popular option for people looking to make extra money, but how much does TURO take from the host?

In this article, I will analyze top-ranking content and real host experiences to uncover Turo’s earnings structure and fees.

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How Turo’s Host Earnings and Commissions Work

The core of understanding Turo’s fees lies in their protection plans. Turo takes a commission from hosts as a percentage of the total trip price. This commission ranges from 10% to 40% depending on the protection plan selected.

Higher commission plans have lower deductibles and more coverage features. Lower commission plans have higher deductibles but let hosts keep more of the rental income.

For example, the 60 protection plan has a 0 deductible but Turo takes a 40% commission. The 90 plan has a 10% commission but a $2500 deductible.

In simple terms:

Higher commission = Lower deductible

Lower commission = Higher deductible

Hosts can choose a plan aligned with their risk tolerance. Turo’s commissions cover the fees and insurance costs associated with operating their rental platform.

Turo’s Host Protection Plans and Pricing

Turo offers several protection plans for hosts to choose from:

Turos Host Protection Plans and Pricing

Key differences:

  • The 60 plan has the highest commission and lowest deductible. It includes loss of income coverage and wear & tear protection.
  • The 90 plan has the lowest commission but highest deductible. No additional damage coverage is included.
  • The 80 plan offers a balance of 20% commission and $750 deductible. Covers most host needs.
  • The 75 and 85 plans add incremental coverage for a small commission increase.

Understanding these trade-offs allows hosts to pick the optimal plan.

What Percentage Does Turo Take From Hosts?

What Percentage Does Turo Take From Hosts?

According to top-ranking articles, hosts report Turo commissions ranging from 10% to 40% depending on their protection plan. But the most frequently cited figures are:

  • 10% commission – Typically the 90 protection plan
  • 25% commission – The 75 plan
  • 40% commission – The 60 plan with the highest coverage


For hosts, a 20% commission under the 80 plan seems to offer the best balance. The deductible is reasonable and key Turo fees are covered.

However, commission preference depends on factors like:

  • Car value – Lower commissions for higher value cars
  • Rental demand – Higher commissions if high rental volume
  • Trip duration – Shorter trips may need lower deductibles
  • Risk tolerance – Lower commissions for risk-averse hosts

While Turo’s fees may seem high compared to traditional rental companies, hosts gain unique benefits like insurance, trip support, and access to Turo’s large renter base.

Factors That Impact Turo Host Earnings

Factors That Impact Turo Host Earnings

According to Reddit threads and other host testimonials, average Turo host earnings range from $200 to $2000 per month. But there are several variables impacting income:

Car Type

Luxury and specialty cars earn significantly more than standard vehicles. Hosts report Teslas earning up to $1000 per week. Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes also command higher rental rates and lower commissions.


Major cities and tourist destinations will have higher demand. Cars listed near airports also rent more frequently for business travel.

Pricing Strategy

Hosts should research local market rates and competitor pricing on Turo. Finding the optimal price maximizes bookings and earnings.

Peak Times

Summer, holidays, and weekends see more bookings. Savvy hosts optimize pricing to capitalize on surge demand. Off-peak discounts can also boost occupancy.

Listing Quality

An engaging listing with great photos and amenities attracts more renters and bookings. Convenience options like delivery/pickup also improve earnings.

Ratings & Reviews

Positive host ratings build trust with renters. This leads to more bookings and bookings at higher asking prices.

The Bottom Line

Turo’s model offers hosts a unique opportunity to turn their underutilized cars into income streams. But Turo’s commissions of 10% to 40% are higher than traditional rental agencies.

The key is picking the right protection plan to balance risk and optimal earnings. For most hosts, the 80 plan hits the sweet spot. Luxury, specialty, and strategically listed cars can earn well on Turo despite the fees.

While not flawless, Turo provides higher earnings, insurance protection, and rental convenience that makes hosting worthwhile for many car owners. With realistic expectations about Turo’s commissions, hosts can successfully tap into this peer-to-peer rental marketplace.

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